Ancillary mezzanine products are on essential aspect for any mezzanine floor, whether structural or rack supported. providing the necessary safety for your team as well as your products.


These secure the exposed edges of the mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floors should incorporate sturdy and durable handrails to ensure the safety of personnel at heights as well as to secure any goods stored. Murriers offers a wide array of functional and top quality handrails for your mezzanine floor.


As a manufacturer of quality ancillary mezzanine products including industrial staircases, ladders and landings, we are perfectly placed for customized steel safe access products.

From constructing mezzanine access for maintenance and daily operations to safely moving personnel across your conveyor line, we have the in-house manufacturing expertise and capacity required to deliver a solutions-based product with your individual specifications as our blueprint.

For most mezzanine, the primary access point will be a staircase. Our mezzanine staircases are sturdy, safe and effective, offering efficient and secure access to any mezzanine floor or elevated work area.

Our industrial general access stairs are designed and built to the highest possible standards. Their steel construction, spaced handrails and open or closed rises all guarantee safe and easy access, whether you are in an industrial or office environment.

Our combination of design and installation experience allows us to build access points into your mezzanine design, catering to the specific dimensions and requirements of your space. We also offer a range of alternate access points, including gates for workers and goods and other ancillary mezzanine products.

Stairs may be in a straight run, leading from one floor to another without a turn or change in direction. Stairs may change direction, commonly by two straight flights connected at a 90 degree angle landing.

Staircases are a necessary feature for many structures we come across every day and the need for safety and durability are essential. With our experience and understanding of the need for safe access, we can custom build any steel staircase to suit your requirements and install them with our specialized teams.

In addition to the staircases, we are able to offer you various other solutions to optimize your workspace, such as hand railings, catwalks, pallet gates, wooden floor panels, steel floor panels, goods chutes, offices and conveyors.


Pallet Gates can be seen as essential ancillary mezzanine products as they are designed to provide a safe access solution for factory and warehouse workers who are responsible for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working surfaces.

Transporting pallets around factories and warehouses can present a number of safety issues. This is particularly apparent when the worker has to load/unload pallets onto mezzanine floors, as this could result in a fall from height. Pallet Gates eliminate this safety issue, as they provide a simple solution that results in employees being separated from the hazard at all times.

We offer a wide range of tailor-made products for use on mezzanine floors  that suit all sizes of pallets. The non-standard pallet gates cater for scenarios where headroom and depth is limited, and where high/deep pallets are required to be loaded onto platforms where a shutter door is spaced back from the platform.

Pallet Gates provide the necessary protection to prevent injury and create a safe working environment at height. They assist to eliminate the hazards of falls from height, which is one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace. The construction can be completely manufactured from stainless steel, for food and drink industries where hygiene is imperative and corrosive elements are present.

Ancillary mezzanine products, such as pallet gates, have a proven track record for being reliable when handling and storing materials on various levels including:

  • Docking stations and loading bays
  • Temporary landing stages
  • Hoisting platforms
  • High level boarding platforms
  • Entrances and doorways
  • Pallet Gates for mezzanine floors

Pallet Gates provide permanent protection from hazards when moving goods between different working levels and provides protection for any opening where material and pallet access is required. They are a form of fall protection. Meaning it is your responsibility to be properly trained on how to use it, as well as create administrative controls to reduce the possibility of error. Never should someone be 15’ or closer to the open edge of a platform without some form of fall protection in place. When that gate is open, you have created that hazard.


Fencing is an ideal and economical way to cordon off areas inside or outside a warehouse or factory, or above or below a mezzanine floor. In the case of a bonded store, a fencing ‘roof’ can also be installed in order to totally enclose a designated area. Fencing is commonly combined with a gate to allow for access to the fenced off area. Depending on your needs, we are able to manufacture and install a wide variety of gates to suit your access requirements as part of our ancillary mezzanine products.

Ancillary Handrails and Staircase on a Mezzanine Floor.

Ancillary Pallet Gate

Ancillary Staircase and Landing.

Ancillary Staircase and Landing next to offices on a Mezzanine Floor.




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