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Live Pallet Racking Solutions

Live Pallet Racking is a dynamic, high density storage solution which provides failsafe automatic stock rotation by using the FIFO (First-in First-out) method

Ideal for a continuous flow of high volume consumer goods and the FIFO method is the perfect solution when stock rotation is required for perishable goods. This cleverly organised system can increase your storage density by 60%, whilst providing direct access with a good overall view of stock.

This is an ideal system for distribution centers or warehouses with perishable goods, although it can also be used in any industry or distribution business.

Our Pallet Racking incorporates roller track sections placed on a sloped lane to allow the pallets to slide over them. The pallets are put in at the highest part of the rolling section and moved by the force of gravity and at a controlled speed towards the other end.


  • Enables perfect pallet turnover (FIFO SYSTEM).
  • Maximum capacity as storage system is compact.
  • Time and space saved in pallet handling.
  • Excellent stock control.

Live Pallet Racking is very versatile type of pallet racking and can be used in many industries, particularly fast pace environments with a high turn-over of products or where there is a need for failsafe stock rotation. Pallet live racking is found mostly in the food and beverage industries due the fast flow of goods and the need to rotate stock, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

To establish whether a pallet racking system is right for your business speak to Murriers. We can arrange for a member of our team to visit your site to carry out a free site survey and whilst there, spend time understanding your warehouse operations and business goals.

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