Light Duty Racking

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Light Duty Racking Solutions

Light Duty Racking is ideal for bulky light weight hand packed goods. The system is easy to assemble and can be easily relocated. All levels are easily adjustable and a full range of frame and beam sizes are also available.

Why spend more money on increasing your warehouse square footage when you could be making use of the wasted vertical space which is already in your warehouse? By adding the correct racking system you could double and sometimes even triple the storage capacity within your warehouse.

Light Duty Racking is used for awkward of bulky loads. It is ideal for order picking or bulk storage. It can also be designed for single, multi-tier or high rise applications.

A comprehensive range of frames and beams accommodates a wide range of loading requirements and is complimented by a choice of materials which can be specified to meet specific needs. In a nutshell, it provides the best preconditions: flexible in operation, easily adjustable and easily configurable.

This Racking is the ultimate hand loaded system that provides the perfect storage solution, giving ease of access to all of the shelves in your facility.

Within all industry fields it is a very successful system, installed in warehouses, archives, workshops, stores and so on. Light Duty Racking is a suitable solution, for the type of product being stored, and the available space at hand.

Two types of beams are available:

  • Step beam – decking sits flush inside beam
  • Tube beam – decking sits on top of beam

Recommended maximum load:

  • 350 kg – 750 kg per level


  • Epoxy powder-coated or Pre-galvanised


  • Ideal for bulk items that are loaded by hand
  • Ease of access to items/goods
  • All levels easily adjustable
  • Minimal tools required for assembly and ease of assembly
  • Each level able to use any type of wooden decking

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