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D I Y Shelving Solutions

D I Y Shelving  is simple, easy to erect shelving system is ideal for light weight products in an office environment or even a small workshop. You can also use this dynamic shelving system in your home or garage to tidy up your area or to create additional storage space.

It's simple yet sturdy design allows for storage of various goods and takes almost no time to assemble.

This shelving unit is versatile and can be customized to various shelf levels according to your specific needs, from 1 up to even 5 tiers. It stands at 1800mm which allows for an easy packing height. The assembly is simple and strong with no nuts or bolts or additional tooling required to set up.

Storage facilities make use of racking and shelving solutions to optimize storage space within the facility

Racking and shelving are constructed from basic steel frames, making them versatile to adjust and easy to assemble. These racks and shelves are commonly mounted against the walls of the storage facility. They can also be stacked next to each other or in an aisle formation for maximum floor usage.

No matter how you lay out your storage facility, racking and shelving will play a large role in the goal of optimising your floor space.

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