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Don't Move out, move up. Take advantage of a cost effective Structural Mezzanine System designed specifically for your requirements

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What is a Structural Mezzanine Floor?

A Structural Mezzanine is a free standing, semi-permanent flooring structure which uses a grid of structural steel columns to support a raised floor which can be used for storage, production or office space.

The major benefit of a Mezzanine floor is the complete flexibility that it offers. The grid structure can be designed to provide a blank canvas of a floor to suit your requirements and specified to accommodate heavy duty loads such as machinery. It can also accommodate fully fitted offices to either the ground or first floor levels.

These freestanding structures are perfect for companies looking to expand their available floor space, while minimizing the disruption to their business.Steel columns support a single additional floor, which can be used for storage, production or additional office space. Lifts and stairs can be integrated to provide a multitude of access options, depending on the floor’s intended purpose.

Mezzanine Flooring Structures provide you with a cost-efficient way to create extra floor space in your existing buildings. Many of our clients use this method to erect offices above the floor area with dry walling and suspended ceilings.

Our projects can accommodate existing columns and other obstructions in your space, melding infrastructure such as lighting, ducts, sprinklers, columns and cables into the floor’s structural framework.

All of our Structural Mezzanine Floors are approved by an independent structural engineer prior to manufacturing. A structural engineer's certificate can be provided if required.

Speak to us for a custom quote to design, manufacture and install Structural Mezzanine Flooring at your office, warehouse or distribution center. We also offer various finishes to suit your requirements.

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