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Rack Supported Mezzanine Flooring is a practical way of making use of the wasted space above racking. This type of mezzanine is built from pallet racking materials and is generally the most cost effective way of building a mezzanine.

Where some people see obstacles, we see opportunities. We will work with your business to negotiate tricky columns, bulky equipment and other structural obstacles, finding a mezzanine solution that’s practical and purpose-built for your precise requirements.Storage is gained above the structure with an open deck, plus the support for the deck is usable pallet racking that can either be left open or utilized as shelving.

When it comes to the need for additional floor space in your warehouse, office or store; Industrial Supported Mezzanine Floors are a good economic alternative to a structural mezzanine floor support system. Advantages include the use of the racking support frames in the inclusion of additional beams and decking, creating additional storage space above or below mezzanine level.

Our rack supported mezzanine floors integrate pallet racking into the floor space below the mezzanine, securely support the above floor and its contents. Together with our mezzanine floor steel columns, the mezzanine floor is secure, and the storage space below is maximized.

Our rack supported mezzanine floors are ideal for joint storage and working space projects. By accessing vertical space in your facility, you can gain additional storage space without having to sacrifice offices or other work areas.

Staircases, hand railings, catwalks, pallet gates, wooden floor panels, steel floor panels, goods chutes, offices and conveyors can also be included in the construction of these Rack Supported Mezzanine systems.

We can help you capitalize on unused and inefficient headroom. The addition of one or more floors can provide a wealth of additional floor space at a reasonable price, allowing your business to grow unabated.

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